19/02/12 East of England Afghan Hound Club Champ Show - 4th Limit -
Judge: Gael Morrison

28/01/12 Birmingham Afghan Hound Club Open Show - 2nd Open -
Judge: Lynne Bateman

15/01/12 Northern Afghan Hound Club Open Show - 3rd Limit - Judge: Janine Brownless

14/01/12 Nuneaton Canine Society - 2nd Open - Judge: Adrienne Thomas


03/12/11 South Yorkshire Hound Society Open Show - 2nd Open & Res BOB -
Judge: Claire Kirk

06/11/11 Afghan Hound Club of Wales - 3rd Mid Limit - Judge: Phil Freer

23/10/11 Northern Afghan Open Show - 4th Mid Limit - Judge: Ken Blackband

22/07/11 Leeds Champ Show - 5th Limit - Judge: Graham Parsell

04/06/11 Southern Counties Champ Show - 4th Limit - Judge: Sandra Weinrub

07/05/11 National Champ Show – 4th Mid Limit – Judge: Anne McDonald

02/05/11 Northwest Canine Society Open Show – 2nd Open – Judge: Mr Murray

19/02/11 East of England Afghan Champ Show – 2nd Post Grad- Judge: Christine Delabelle
(Crufts Qualified 2012)

20/01/11 Manchester Champ Show – 5th Post Grad – Judge: Eleanor Bothwell

16/01/11 NAHS Open Show – 1st Limit - Judge: Annette Jones

09/01/11 YAHS Open show - 1st Limit – Judge: Janine Brownless

02/01/11 Heywood and Radcliffe Canine Society Open show – 2nd Open 


05/12/10 Stockport Canine Society – 2nd Open

21/10/10 BAHC Champ Show – 4th Mid Limit – Judge: Javier Blanco

20/10/10 Wrexham Canine Society – 3rd Open AVNSC Hound

16/10/10 Llandudno Canine Society – 2nd Open AVNSC Hound

07/08/10 Hound Association Champ Show – 2nd Post Grad – Judge: Susan Rhodes

30/05/10 Chester City Open Show – 1st Open

07/05/10 National Champ Show – 3rd Post Grad – Judge: Pat Latimer

10/04/10 Hound Association of Scotland Champ show – 3rd Post Grad
(Crufts Qualified 2011)

16/01/10 Heywood and Radcliffe Open show - Open 1st, BOB and Hound Group 4

September 2009
Belfast Championship Show- 2nd Post Graduate - Frank Kane
AHSNI - 2nd Post Graduate - Chris Payne

May 2009
Chester City Open - 2nd Open
National Championship Show - 2nd Post Grad CRUFTS 2010 qualified!!

April 2009
Bebington Canine Open - 1st Post Grad and 2nd out of 15 in Open stakes
Liver Canine Open - 1st Post Grad, BOB and Group 2

March 2009
Morecambe and Heysham Open - 1st Post Grad
Crufts - 5th Grad

February 2009
Ashton Under Lyme Open - 1st Post Grad

January 2009
Haywood Open Show - 1st Post Grad, BOB and Group 2

November 2008
Birmingham Afghan Hound Club B2B Open - 4th Grad (Morning),4th Grad (Afternoon)
Border Counties Open - 1st Post Grad
Northern Afghan Hound Society Open - 1st Grad

October 2008
North Eastern Afghan Hound Society Championship - 4th Grad and Yearling

August 2008
Flint and Deeside Open - 1st Post Grad, 1st Open
Houndshow Championship - 4th Special Yearling

July 2008
We were on holiday!

June 2008
Crewe and Distrect Open - 1st Post Grad and RBOB
Cheshire Show Open - 1st Post Grad and BOB
Blackpool Championship - 3rd Special Yearling

May 2008
Northwest Canine Society Open - 1st Post Grad, 1st Open - BOB and Hound Group 2
Scottish Kennel Club Championship - 2nd Special Yearling
Midland Afghan Hound Club Championship - 4th Special Yearling, 4th Special Beginners
Southern Counties Championship - 2nd Special Yearling

April 2008
Yorkshire Afghan Hound Club Open - 1st Junior, 1st Special Yearling and 2nd Graduate

March 2008
CRUFTS - Sadly not Marco's year this time, however we had a lovely weekend and stayed to watch BIS
Midland Afghan Hound Open - 3rd Junior, 3rd Novice and 2nd Special Yearling

Febuary 2008
Newton Le Williows Open - 2nd Junior, 1st Post Grad, 1st Open

January 2008
Heywood Open - 2nd Graduate and 2nd Post Grauduate 

Northern Afghan Open - 2nd Junior and 1st Novice

Manchester Championship - 3rd Junior CRUFTS QUALIFIED 2009

Happy New Year to all our friends, we wish you all a happy and prosperous 2008

November 2007
BAHC Championship - 2nd Maiden and 2nd Novice - Judge Mrs K Rice

October 2007
NEAHS Championship - 2nd Puppy Dog and Res novice - Judge Mrs M Morrison

September 2007
Driffield Championship - 1st Puppy - Judge Mrs J Cross
YAHS Championship - PD 1st, Novice 3rd, BPD and Res BPIS - Judge Mr M P Wright

August 2007
City of Birmingham Championship - PD Res - Judge Mr M Gadsby
Bolton Town Show - JD 3rd, BPIB and 3rd Hound puppy - Breed/Group
Judge Mrs H Gilpin
Houndshow Championship - PD VHC - Judge Mrs G North

July 2007
Painghton Championship - 1st MPD and BPD - Judge Mrs L Newton
Windsor Championship - Res MPD - Judge Mrs C Johnson

June 2007
Blackpool Championship - 3rd MDP - Judge Mr E Hulme
Cheshire County Open - 1st PD, BPIB and Res Best Puppy in Hound Group -
Judge Mr C Wells
Bath Championship - 1st MPD - Judge Miss C Millward
MAHC Championship - 2nd MPD - Judge Mr T Cleak

May 2007
BAHC Open - 3rd MPD - Judge Mrs J Day
Birmingham National Championship - 3rd MPD - Judge Mrs M Boydell CRUFTS QUALIFIED